All racers must have a Canadian- approved life jacket with a whistle in their boat at all times "or" must wear AN INFLATABLE CANADIAN-APPROVED PFD WITH A WHISTLE for the entire race.


Please Note: Inflatables count as worn if they are snug around the waist.  They count as worn and legal if there is an un-punctured CO2 cartridge OR if they are worn fully inflated.  

50K Mandatory Gear

  • 1 cell phone per watercraft in a watertight bag

  • 1 compass

  • 1 buoyant 50 foot throw line

  • 1 bailer (SUPs and HPKs with automatic bailers are excluded)

  • 1 waterproof map bag

  • capacity to carry 2 litres of water per person (aid station will help resupply)

Suggested Other Gear - All though these are not required, we strongly recommend all racers bring the following:

  • nutrition to last 5 - 8 hours

  • shoes for portages

  • wind jacket/pants

10K Mandatory Gear

  • 1 cell phone per watercraft in a watertight bag

  • Suggest - shoes for portages/ nutrition/ water


*(All watercraft may encounter high winds or waves on the lake sections of the race. Experience is suggested.)

Pro C2 Marathon

Maximum overall length 18 feet 6 inches; minimum width 27 inches, 3 inches above the bottom, when measured within 12 inches of the longitudinal centre, not counting keels, at the widest part of the canoe. Minimum width at the gunwales, skin to skin, shall be 33 inches, within 12 inches of the longitudinal centre. Minimum 15-inch high bow measured from the bottom baseline

Stock C2

Canoes that are built for back country/wilderness touring but are also suitable for racing against similar craft. This category is a recognized and standardized racing category throughout North America. Canoes not meeting the following specifications are not permitted.

Length: Maximum of 18’6” / Minimum 17’ Width: Minimum of 14.4% of length at 4” waterline (i.e., 32” for 18’6” length / 29.4” for 17’ length)

Depth: Minimum @ Bow (16”); Centre (12”); Stern (16”) • Canoes with concave hulls are not permitted. Marathon-class or boats that are specifically designed for flat-water racing are not permitted.

Rec Tandem Canoe

Any non-racing canoe, at the discretion of the race organizer, 17 feet long or less with a minimum width of 32 inches at the 4-inch waterline is acceptable.

USCA C1 Marathon

Hull specifications shall conform to current USCA specification in effect. In addition, we recommend that tarps and bailers be permissible. 

 • It is the team’s responsibility to ensure canoe being used meets specifications.

 • Skegs or rudders are not permitted.


High Performance Kayak - eg. Epic 18x, V10, V10L, V10Sport, V12, V14  (if your kayak is not listed here, please email with your boat specs.)


Fast Kayak - eg. Epic 18xSport, Touring Endurance 18 (L/W ratio 10.5), V7, V8 (if your kayak is not listed here, please email with your boat specs.)


Experience in rough waters a must.

Dimensions and weights sanctioned by the International Canoe Federation for Marathon are to take precedence. ICF K1s are to be a maximum of 520 cm long and weigh a minimum of 8 kg.  ICF K2s to be no longer than 650 cm and weigh no less than 12 kg.

Touring Kayak

Any of the following non-ICF Kayak specifications may be used by race organizers: Kayak K1 must meet specs for down-river single seaters, delta hulls included: Length no more than 14 feet 9 inches (4.5 meters). Width not less than 23 5/8 inches (60 centimeters). No steering devices allowed. Touring kayaks to include recreational, sea and stock kayaks. No specifications are laid out.


Maximum length of 14 feet; minimum length of 11 feet, six inches (11’6”). A race organizer can impose a different minimum length for a race. Any material may be used in construction, including inflatables.


All Canoes and SUPs must be paddled with single-blade paddles. All styles of paddles are permitted included bent-shaft paddles (canoe/SUP) and wing-style paddles (kayak). Carbon, wood, or plastic paddles are permitted.

If you do not see a spec for your boat contact us at 


CANCELLATION OF THE EVENT:  If the race is cancelled or postponed as a result of factors beyond the control of Race Management, (including but not limited to severe weather, war, flood, pandemic, or anything else that may make the event dangerous to participants, staff and volunteers), Race Management will attempt to reschedule the race to the year. No refunds will be issued if a re-scheduled date is not possible. If a new date is offered, no refund will be granted to registrants who are unable to participate in the rescheduled event. There are no exceptions to this policy and no transfers of fees to subsequent events.